General Terms and Conditions of VILLA-SUR-GOLF.COM

The website is published by:

TVA BE 447 861 371
Clos des Colombes 9
1342 Limelette

Object of the website
The website is a classified advertisements website enabling advertisers (private individuals or companies) to present to visitors the properties they have to let.

Definition of the parties
Advertisers are the private individuals or companies who place an advertisement for a given period subject to payment of a fee.
Visitors are the individuals visiting the website in search of a holiday let close to a golf course.
The publisher is the company making the small ads platform available and managing the website.

Objectives of the publisher
- To offer the visitor a platform grouping together advertisements for houses or apartments to let which are located close to a golf course.
- To provide the visitor with the best possible information, backed by journalistic investigation, on the golf courses in a particular region, and on the agencies and/or rented accommodation in the vicinity.
- To offer advertisers a platform they can use to post detailed small ads for the letting of their property or properties.
- To give the visitor the possibility of contacting the advertisers with requests for information about the properties presented on the platform.
- The platform is not in any way an online booking website. Bookings have to be made via direct contact between the advertiser and the Internet user – contact over which the publisher has no control and in respect of which it has no responsibility.

Responsibility of the website publisher
The publisher acts as an intermediary, and is not responsible either for the content of the advertisements or for any transactions that may result from them.
The publisher’s responsibility is limited to publication of the data encoded by the advertiser under the latter’s own responsibility.
These advertisements are published for a period chosen by the advertiser, in exchange for payment of a fee and at the advertiser’s request.
The publisher of the website does not have any right to the content of the advertisements. Its sole right is limited to the design and presentation of the website, and its name and structure.

Undertaking on the part of the publisher
The publisher undertakes to make its website accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
However, it will not be held liable in the event of any failures and maintenance operations, or in the event of force majeure.
The publisher will see to it that information on the advertisers’ connection to their account is kept “confidential”. It will use the contact form to warn the advertiser if the latter’s data have been used fraudulently by an unauthorised third party. In this case the publisher will be authorised to change the advertiser’s identifier name and password.

Publisher’s right
The publisher reserves the right to modify the presentation or structure of its website without giving the advertisers prior notice of this.
The publisher is the sole owner of the website. Any total or partial reproduction of the website, by means of the text or graphics being copied, is prohibited.
The publisher reserves the right to refuse to publish advertisements that are not in keeping with accepted moral standards or that damage the website’s reputation due to the content of the advertisement being misleading or unsuitable.

Complaint lodged by the visitor or the advertiser
Out of a concern for quality, any complaint made by a visitor or an advertiser must be sent within 24 hours of an event occurring or a fact coming to light that could be detrimental to one of the two parties. The publisher will then be in a position to remove from the website the advertisement that had posed a problem, without being liable to pay compensation to anyone whomsoever. The publisher may also refuse to accept an advertiser whose behaviour runs counter to the objective pursued by the website.
The publisher will be the sole judge of the admissibility of the complaint, and will act in good faith to satisfy the complainant as fully and effectively as possible.

Obligations and prohibitions
Concerning the visitor
The visitor is not allowed to make abusive use of the advertiser’s e-mail system (undesirable e-mails or banned commercial messages).
In the event of incorrect use of the site by the visitor such as to cause damage to the website or to the advertiser’s data, the visitor alone shall be held liable and shall assume the financial consequences of this.

Concerning the advertiser
The advertiser will respect the structure of the website for the encoding of its advertisements. He undertakes only to give genuine and reliable information. He undertakes to check as soon as possible himself that his advertisement has been correctly posted on the website, and will immediately notify the publisher of any anomaly.
An advertisement that is incorrectly or only partially disseminated will only give entitlement to reimbursement if the web publication error is noted within 24 hours of the advertisement having been dispatched. In this case, and in this case alone, if the advertiser so demands, the advertisement will be removed and the payment reimbursed.

Respect for privacy
The publisher abides by the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data (privacy law) which affords individuals protection where the use of their personal data is concerned.

Getting in touch with the publisher
You can contact the publisher by using either of the following means:
- by post, to Everaets & C°, Clos des Colombes 9, 1342 Limelette – Belgium
- by using the contact form available on the website

Disputes and applicable law
These general terms and conditions are subject to Belgian law. In the event of a dispute, the Belgian court of Nivelles shall have sole jurisdiction.